Jackson Pollock and fall leaves

We’ve had an arty,  fun week so far at Anna Banana!  I took the kids outside to pick leaves, we brought them back to the studio and using diffusing leaves and watercolors, they painted the gorgeous fall colors onto the diffusing leaves.  The results were so beautiful!

It’s  “action Jackson” week at Anna Banana.  I laid out my Jackson Pollock-looking drop cloth, gave the kids regular house paint and chop sticks, and they splattered and dripped  paint on canvas paper.  Fabulous!  Did you know you can take your children right here in D.C. to the National Gallery and see an actual Jackson Pollock?  Do it!

painting fall leaves
painting fall leaves
Note the tin foil shoes protectors!
Note the tin foil shoe protectors!


Art Classes for kids in D.C. age 2-8

ART classes for Kids in D.C.!  The fall session has started but I can still prorate until October 9th.  Classes go through December 18th.  Art classes for kids age 2-8.  Check out the Classes and Camps page for more info.