“Anne was the CCBC Children’s Center Art Teacher and gave our children amazing hands-on art experiences. She was loved by children, staff and parents!”
Lisa McAuliffe,  Former Director of the CCBC Children’s Center

“Anne strikes that elusive balance between teaching the kids an important art concept while allowing the children to express themselves. They have so much fun and remarkably, the end product is something creative, intentional, and frame worthy!”

“My girls have loved their time with Anne at every age and stage. She has given them an introduction to art and artists as well as let their imaginations run wild with so many different materials! Anne helps them appreciate the world around them in a fantastic and art-centric way and my kids really think of themselves as artists when they are with her.”
Sarah Cannova

“Children respond happily to Anne’s positive energy. She has worked at Metropolitan as both an Art teacher and Substitute teacher. Her work with children is creative and fun. We love her Artist Unit and invite her back every year!”
Linda Smith, Director Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church Nursery School

“It’s amazing watching Anne work her magic on a group of 3 and 4 year old boys and girls. Whether they were painting Matisse or making their fourth of July T-shirts they were completely enthralled. Our group continues to do Anne’s class because the children love it so much.”
Maria C. Weber

“Anne’s classes tapped into our daughter’s creativity and piqued her curiosity about different media, artists, and styles – all while having a ton of fun! Through the exploration guided by Anna Banana, our daughter gained an enormous amount of confidence and discovered new ways to express herself. And, she always looks forward to her Anna Banana classes — Anne’s enthusiasm is tough to beat, and she does an excellent job of exposing the kids to all kinds of art in an age-appropriate manner.”
Sarah Stettinius